Why The Rob Zombie Hate?

There is this new phenomena…hate Rob Zombie.

I don’t really understand it.

The same crap is said…why does he always have to have his wife in his films?…why does he use the same people? etcetera.

The man makes some entertaining films…not the best but entertaining none the less ,and he makes them like horror movies should be.

Gory ,violent ,and unflinching not the teenybopper crap we get alot of the time.

I mean is it just jealously?

He seems to be a cool guy to me (He put Mr No Charisma David Caruso in his place)

Anyway just thought I’d give my two cents ,and ask the question.


A bit of an update…

Figured I’d post the trailer to Horror Of Dracula the best in the series as far as I’m concerned.

The rest of the series he became mute mainly because Christopher Lee found the scripts ridiculous ,but stayed on because he cared about the people who might be out of work

I’m Back!!

Been away from the blog for a while so I figured I’d give it another try.

Plus it also helps when you actually have software that allows you to put up your own content without having it snatched away at a moments notice…so that will work 🙂

My next post will be about my new obsession with Hammer Horror (The retro stuff with such greats as Christopher Lee ,and not the new Hammer Horror which I haven’t checked out yet)

So I will put up all the trailers of what I own so far for your viewing pleasure ,just give me time 🙂

There will be more content from just about anything I can think of at any moment ,or anytime.

Here’s a taste :


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