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New Survival Of The Dead Promo Trailer ,And An Interview With The Man Himself

I must say since Land Of The Dead the films have been getting a bit worse…but still enjoyable.

It is hard to top the original trilogy though..especially Dawn which is my favorite of the series.

A Cool Friday The 13th Fan Photo


This is kind of touching in some warped way..considering that it’s from a slasher series lol

Various Comics for Sale

I’m selling my private collection of Batman etc comics…they’re in perfect condition, see video for more info.  You can email, or  leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. 

I’m selling almost a 1000 comics from the 1990’s!
So watch THIS space for newly listed comics.


I’m shipping from Canada to most countries, obviously the shipping costs will vary. 

I also have a few ebay auctions for other comics, here: